SolForge Fusion Releases in EU and UK: February 23, 2023

SolForge Fusion Releases in EU and UK: February 23, 2023

The World’s First Hybrid-Deck Game, SolForge Fusion Gets UK and European Release Date!

SolForge: Fusion from legendary designers Richard Garfield and Justin Gary is the new frontier of gaming, combining the best of digital and tabletop games

UK and Europe – January 24, 2023 - Following a successful release in the US, Australia and Asia, where over 750,000 decks have already been sold, SolForge: Fusion will be available in UK and European stores from February 23rd, 2023!

Stone Blade Entertainment’s ground-breaking new card game – designed by Richard Garfield (Magic the Gathering) and Justin Gary (Ascension Deckbuilding Game) – is a first-of-its-kind hybrid deck building game for the digital age, where no two SolForge: Fusion decks are the same, thanks to the unique algorithmically generated card printing process. Designed as both a physical game that can be played in person, or a digital game to be played remotely through the digital program Tabletop Simulator and a dedicated digital client releasing this year.

The European release will be supported by a pre-release weekend on the 18th and 19th of February, open to any eligible retailer in the UK and Europe. This will offer European players the chance to experience this pioneering game for the very first time and allow them to join the global community of SolForge: Fusion players before the game is even released.

“The response to the release of SolForge: Fusion in the US, Asia and Australia so far has been amazing,” enthused Justin Gary. “working on this game with Richard Garfield has been a dream come true and I am elated to see all the years of passion and hard work we’ve poured into it coming to fruition. Highlights like the Storyline Event at GenCon last year have shown there is just as much love for the game from players too and I can’t wait for people to get their hands on the game at pre-releases in Europe and the UK!”

In a hybrid deck game, players combine unique half decks to create a full deck. Each unique deck can be scanned into the game’s online database so players can participate in head-to-head battles and tournaments in person OR online at Since every card that’s played levels up and becomes available in future turns, players get the experience of not only playing their deck, but also continually building it during the game.

The game’s easy to use online systems allows for local hobby game stores to run officially-sanctioned events in person or online, ensuring each store has the capability to customise the support their community needs most - something practically unheard of in this space. With ongoing tournament support, tournament organisers can create their own events that are automatically added to the game’s event finders for easy discovery and participation. Additionally, players are able to level up their decks each time they play through the game’s digital platform and track a deck’s performance (along with player performance) via the game’s online leader board. Outside of local game and hobby stores, tournaments are being hosted at events and conventions like UK Games Expo, SCG Con and Origins Game Fair. Players will be able to influence the story and the cards by participating in tournaments and making choices for their Forgeborn that will be reflected in future printings.

SolForge: Fusion will be available everywhere games are sold in the UK and Europe starting February 23rd, 2023.

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