Upcoming Events for SolForge Fusion!

Upcoming Events for SolForge Fusion!

Upcoming Events

Last week, we announced the ability for players around the world to impact the story of Solis through our in-store Storyline Events. However, Storyline events are not the only ways that you can interact with SolForge Fusion Organized Play. Our Hybrid system allows you to compete in events around the world, and the support from friendly local gaming stores allow us to bring unique experiences to your area. Below are the events happening in the first half of 2023.

Store Championships Q1 2023

Starting early next year stores will be able to host their Store Championships and get access to Store Championship kits from their distributors. The kits are full of exciting prizes and promos, which you will see them on our website here as we reveal them.

Winners of these events will represent their stores at The League of Champions later in the year.

Team Covenant Set 2 Preview Event: 4th February 2023

Our friends at Team Covenant will be hosting a Set 2 preview event in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Players at this event will be the first in the world to get to play with Set 2 decks and win prizes. To make things even more exciting, they’ll also be able to leave their mark on Solis as the event will be doubling up as the finale of this storyline series that began at Gen Con.

There will be a guest appearance from Stoneblade Entertainment during the event as well, making it a great chance to meet the team that created SolForge Fusion.

Team Covenant will host a preview event for Set 2 in their home base of Tulsa, Oklahoma. You can find out more by visiting Team Covenant’s website here.

Newforged Challenges: 20th - 24th February 2023 - ONLINE

If you can’t make it to the Team Covenant Preview event, but still want a chance to play against cards from the upcoming Set 2, then this event is just for you. Register here to let us know you’re interested. We will select as many players as possible to battle against Set 2 decks, giving them a first chance to see the new powerful cards in action.

As this is an online event, you can take part no matter where you are in the world!

Stone Blade Hosted “Mystery” Online Events - ONLINE

Throughout the year Stone Blade Entertainment will be hosting unique, and fun online events and series.

We will be kicking this off on January 7th, 2023 with an online version of the PAX Unplugged Storyline event! This will be your chance to play through the varying rules that shift and change as you, the Forgeborn, battle for control of a mysterious artifact buried under the ice of Solis.

However, unlike those who took part at PAX Unplugged you will have knowledge of what to expect each round, which means you can bring a deck that deals well with the changes.

We are excited to see what you bring to the table on TTS. You can sign up to the event here to take part. Places are limited so be sure to sign up fast.

The following Mystery events will take place throughout the first half fo 2023 with more to follow: “PAX Unplugged Replay”: Jan 7th ”Forgeborn Trials”: Feb 18th to April 15th TBA: May 20th to July 15th

Crossroads Challenges: January 9th -13th & 13th -March 17th 2023 - ONLINE

This is your opportunity to earn Renown during a Crossroads Challenge. These events will pop up throughout the year and give you a chance to play against members of the Stoneblade Team as well as some champions of the game. If you manage to win, your deck will get a boosted amount of Renown to signify its impressive feat.

Note: these games will not be easy!

Register your interest here to take part and put your deck to the test!

As this is an online event, you can take part no matter where you are in the world!

League of Champions March/April 2023 - ONLINE

Store Champions from around the world will battle it out in the area that is the League of Champions. Not only will players be competing for personal glory, they will also be competing for bonus prizes that can be handed out to players at the store they represent.

These events will be regional and based on where you won your invite. Keep an eye out for the specific date of your qualifying League of Champions event date.

Ultimate Championships

We are excited to kick off our Ultimate Championship Series in 2023. These large, two-day, in-person events will take place at conferences, expos, and possibly large gaming stores around the world. Players who compete will get the opportunity to earn truly unique prizes only available at these events. Side events will be included in the events to give players plenty of opportunities to play the game.

The below dates are just the start, more will be added as they are confirmed:

TCG-Con Indianapolis: April 1st - 2nd, 2023 TCG-Con Denver: May 20th - 21st, 2023 UK Games Expo: June 2nd - 4th, 2023 Origins Game Fair: June 23rd - 25th, 2023 (TBC) More to be announced soon!

If you are a TO, or a large gaming store, and you’re interested in hosting an Ultimate Championship, please get in contact using the forms on our OP Website so we can bring an Ultimate Championship to your area.

More To Come

This is just the roadmap for the first half of 2023 and doesn’t include all the events that will be happening in local stores, online, and around the world. Continue to check our website for more announcements, live streams, and news about SolForge Fusion Organized Play.

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