Ascension Tactics Inferno is a stand-alone deckbuilding tactical combat game with a brand-new collection of scenarios, a campaign mode and a new 4-player mode that pits you against the forces of Kythis!

Beelzepug Unleashed!

5k followers were reached and we've unleashed this ridiculously awesome miniature into the game. Hail the Lord of Barkness!

Ascension Tactics Features:

  • Ascension Tactics Inferno is a stand-alone game that includes everything you need to play, including a brand-new map with brand-new terrain tiles and new high-quality standees. 

  • Our beautifully-sculpted miniatures will only be available through the Kickstarter edition.

  • Ascension Tactics includes many ways to play: Battle through the all-new campaign mode with up to 4 players or try Player vs. Player, Cooperative, and Solo Scenarios.

  • Drafting mode allows players to custom-build their armies: no cumbersome point totals to count up!

  • Players acquire cards from the ever-changing center row to power up their forces.

  • Add the cards and champions from the original Ascension Tactics to your center deck for even more variety!

  • Even the smallest miniature can take down mighty beasts using tactical card boosts and equipping magical constructs.

  • No dice-rolling required!

The Story

The Arch-devil Kythis has taken control of the infernal realm, forcing its people to submit to his might and twisting a once peaceful land and its inhabitants. It is up to the champions of Vigil, alongside a few rebellious monsters, to bring peace to the twisted lands, and set the hellscape called Deoful on a path to redemption.


  • “I love this game. It’s fast. It’s furious. It’s amazing!”

    — Tom Vasel, Dice Tower

  • “Combines deckbuilding and the tabletop skirmish genre with surprising effectiveness.”

    — IGN

  • “This game rocks! An absolute must buy and must play!”

    — Solo Board Game Knight

  • “Just a good depth and breadth of gameplay in this.”

    — Drive-thru Games

Miniature Reveals

These exciting new minis are only available through our Kickstarter!

  • Ori, The Hurricane Shaman and The Eye of the Storm

    The wind had been speakning Ori for as long as he could remember. In his youth, he would find his way to the coasts of Aloysa to converse with the storms. In time, Ori became a shaman, allied with the Eye of the Storm, the most powerful hurricane in all of the Severed Seas. Now, Ori comes to Deofol to help the suffering masses, bringing rain and wind enough to wash away Kythis's corruption.

  • Aria Redforge

    When Aria Redforge was expelled from the Hedron Academy by accidentally creating a “barely noticeable” tear in the fabric of reality, she caught the attention of Emma Ironheart, swiftly becoming the renowned inventor's first apprentice. 

  • Jirra and Mercy

    The cult of Samael captured Jirra during her final days of training at the Arha temple. She earned the moniker, The Unbreakable, when she single-handedly fought her way out of the cultist’s clutches. Not only was she able to resist their magical manipulations, but she also managed to rescue a manticore pup during her escape. She called him Mercy and together they're on a mission to redeem the corrupted realm of Deofol!

  • Vyrak, The First

    The most knowledgable Lifebound druids consider Vyrak to be the oldest creature in the world, a seed planted by the gods when they created life. To enter Vyrak’s forest with ill intent is a death wish—every tree is a weapon that springs to life at the command of their elder!

  • Sadranis

    Every sorcerer who has gazed into the Void, has been lost to its incomprehensible nature—all except Sadranis. Alone, the ancient mystic leapt headfirst into the Void, returning with it’s otherworldly power bound it to his spirit. Now, when Sadranis calls upon this mysterious power, he transforms into a monster unlike any other!

  • Loremaster

    The Arha Libraries are sacred to the Enlightened people, and are defended by the formidable Arha librarians. Highest ranking among them is the Loremaster, who must give up their worldly identity to become a vessel for vast amounts of knowledge, and who must pledge to defend the Arha libraries to the death.

  • Emma Ironheart

    Emma Ironheart is one of the most skilled and creative inventors among the Mechana people. She is a formidable champion on her own but when she steps in to her newest creation, Mecha, she becomes an unstoppable wrecking machine!


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