Ringmaster FAQ


Exotic Exhibit +

What does Exotic Exhibit do? Was the text left off by accident?

Exotic Exhibit has no effect when played, it is counted towards other cards that look for Attractions.

Pick Pockets +

Do I have to play the card I take with Pick Pockets?

If you choose to not play the card taken by Pick Pockets, it remains in your hand.

Sabotage +

What happens if I play Sabotage during my turn?

You may only play Sabotage during another player’s turn.

Bear in a Tutu +

Do my Attractions no longer work since they have been changed into a Sideshow?

Your Attractions are still played normally and have their normal effects. They do not count as Attractions, however, while Bear in a Tutu is in play.

Train’s Leavin’ +

I only get to play with Train’s Leavin’ once? Do I just throw it away?

Put Train’s Leavin’ back in the deck after the game.

Elephant Rampage +

Who chooses which cards are discarded?

Each player chooses their own card to discard.

Juggling +

What happens if there aren't enough cards to deal out 3 to every player?

Start dealing to yourself and deal as many cards as possible.