What is SolForge Fusion?

SolForge Fusion stands as the only true hybrid card game. Every unique deck can be played physically-be it at home or a local gaming store-or online via our new app.

The game represents the pinnacle of design by Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering) and Justin Gary (Ascension Deckbuilding Game) and is enjoyed by fans worldwide.

Digitize your decks and join the worldwide community!

Unleash your deck like never before with SolForge Fusion! Easily digitize your physical cards and dive into battles online or face-to-face. The future of gameplay awaits!

Choose your play mode!

Battle against your friends, test your skills against the computer, or level-up your decks by playing through our story-driven campaigns!

Earn Rewards!

Power up your deck, personalize your playspace!