From an early age, Nya could feel the will of nature, an ability that allowed them to predict floods, whirlwinds, forest fires, and storms long before they manifest. Naturally, Nya became enamored by the elements, but no one, not even the Tempys elementalists could truly relate to their particular instincts. As a result, Nya began to explore these feelings through poetry.

As Nya’s ability to express themselves grew, they felt drawn to write their poems in more extreme natural places: fields during lightning storms, ocean cliffs during hurricanes, and forests during raging fires. Eventually, they felt the call of “the Mountain’s Heart” a place of legend among the Tempys clans.

The raging volcano and its surrounding lands were some of the most dangerous places on the surface of Solace, places where ambient magic from the SolForge seemed to gather. Not even the Nekrium, with all their power, were capable of traversing this unstable region.

The night before their pilgrimage, Nya wrote poem after poem, bursting with premonitions about the journey into the mountain. Their meaning defined both a trail and the timing needed to pass through into the mountain’s heart. Nya followed the path, entering the heart, and in this magical place wrote their final poem.

The volcano erupted, and from its crater emerged a being of pure elemental magic. Nya had transformed into a creature as abstract as the poetry they once wrote, a legend who would become known to the Tempys people as Omni Solcurna.