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SolForge Fusion Digital Booster

SolForge Fusion Digital Booster

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SolForge Fusion Digital Booster Kits add more variety and strategies to your SolForge Fusion Digital Collection:

  • Each Booster Kit contains a code for four one-of-a-kind Faction decks, each with a Forgeborn to lead them
  • Every Booster includes one deck from each faction—Nekrium, Uterra, Alloyin, and Tempys—allowing for maximum deck combinations
  • These Faction Decks can be recombined to create up to six different playable decks
  • Combine these Faction decks with your current collection for limitless permutations
  • Purchase decks from the original set or the Battle for Whitefang Pass, which adds over 10,000 new cards along with exciting new card types like Exalts and Solbinds

To unlock your Digital Deck, first open the SolForge Fusion App on Steam. After logging in, select the "Collection" option, then choose "Redeem Code." Enter your code here, and your new decks will be immediately available

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  • Gaming Trend


    "SolForge Fusion has provided a unique, highly customizable, and insanely fun hybrid card game. In this way SolForge: Fusion has an ever changing tournament story narrative that will change as the game evolves."

  • Tabletop Gaming

    "SolForge Fusion is that special thing. A trading card game that uses aspects of deckbuilding,
    algorithmic deck generation, video game style ‘lanes’, and a super-fast deck construction method. All of these things come together surprisingly well…"

  • TechRaptor

    "SolForge Fusion absolutely blew my expectations out of the water. While I was expecting something very similar to other TCG's I'd previously played, SolForge Fusion as a hybrid deck game is running its own race."

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SolForge Fusion Digital Booster